Justin Davies is a self-taught woodcarver and sculptor. As a young boy his father would teach him cabinet making skills which had been passed down from generation to generation. After studying art and design at school he went on to achieve a BTEC national diploma in design and communication. Although he was offered a place to study graphic design at his chosen university he made the decision to take a more traditional education in the form of an apprenticeship in cabinet making with a local business (one of the few who still offered this type of learning).

Justin says ‘wood work has always been in the blood and I always had a fascination with creating and designing’. After completing his apprenticeship Justin set up his own cabinet making business in 1999 and was fortunate enough to work with other established cabinet makers. One of which became his mentor, with a lifetimes experience in the craft, and guided him through the vast and wonderful world of furniture making from restoration, reproduction and contemporary.

‘I would read anything I could get my hands on, particularly old books, because a lot of traditional techniques have been lost since the decline of traditional apprenticeships and the rise of mass production’.

Through studying old books and practising traditional techniques, Justin found a passion for wood carving and wood sculpture and although he had dabbled with it in the past, decided to pursue this almost forgotten art form.

‘I strive to create pieces that evoke a story, I want my work to be a ‘snapshot’ of a day, a moment or even a lifetime. I am truly grateful that I can offer my personal artwork, but I also relish working with clients to produce something that has deep meaning to them and myself as an artist’.

Justin continues to make his own inspired pieces and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients to produce an artwork that is personal to them.